Driving Permit

Student Driver Training Permit Purchase

Each student is required to purchase a driving permit from the DMV before the first day of class. A parent or legal guardian must accompany the student to DMV with the following documents to purchase the driver training permit:

Where do you purchase the permit?

The Ada County Driver Licensing and Motor Vehicle office is located on 400 N. Benjamin, Boise, ID 83704. This is the only location that is permitted to process a driver’s training permit and a driver’s license.

Motor Vehicles (Registrations & Titles)

Driver Licensing

400 N. Benjamin, Boise
190 East Front, Boise
1769 N. Lakes Ave Ste 100, Meridian
9115 Chinden, Ste 103, Garden City
Star City Hall; 10769
W. State St., Star
400 N. Benjamin, Boise