About Us


Thank you for inquiring about Elite Driving School. As a result of the increase in fatalities and injuries to young drivers nationwide, it is Elite Driving School’s deepest desire to provide a driver education program that consists of the most current, safe, and effective driving instruction within the classroom and behind the wheel. Elite Driving School will strongly promote a clear understanding of the driving laws and regulations in Idaho and its bordering states roadways.

Mission Statement

The classroom lessons are designed to provide an in-depth understanding of how to be a confident, safe, and defensive driver. Among other topics, students will be taught about visual targeting, no texting while driving, reference points, safe driving speed given the conditions, seatbelt use, the effects of drinking and driving, high risk and low risk driving, and road rage. The goal of Elite Driving School is to have young drivers adopt a responsible, limited risk taking driving attitude when behind the wheel. Elite Driving School will strive to provide a superior driver education course for anyone age fourteen and one half (14½) and older.